Making on time deliveries. Are you prepared?

Written by Leonard D'Orlando,

For the commercial driver another winter season is behind them, albeit slowly. As Spring approaches, it is a good time to assess the condition of equipment. It is also a good time to look back and evaluate your delivery schedule.


How is my equipment? The winter months are especially hard on equipment, and it is not uncommon to find parts that may need to be repaired or replaced. Are all lights still operating properly? Are there any leaking or worn suspension components? Are the tires good enough for another season? These are just a few of the many items that should be inspected and/or replaced during the spring and summer months.


What about delivery times? When it comes to analyzing delivery performance it is never easy. There are many factors that influence whether deliveries are late or on schedule. In fact, there are more things working against the commercial driver than in their favor. Most of these like traffic, accidents, breakdowns, and weather are just some of the things the commercial driver needs to avoid.


How can being prepared help? With so many things working against on time deliveries being prepared and having the right equipment are big advantages. Monitoring for traffic or accidents and sometimes starting earlier or later help towards on time deliveries. Having and maintaining the right equipment like the Onspot automatic tire chain system also aid the commercial driver. Perhaps you are a driver with the system then you are already aware of the traction benefits and convenience it provides on snow and ice at the flip of a switch. Maybe Onspot is something you may consider in the budget for next season in either case you are preparing.

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Leonard D'Orlando

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Leonard har jobbat sex år på Onspot i Nordamerika. Fyra år som fälttekniker på östkusten och två år som regional försäljningschef. Under de fyra åren som fälttekniker höll Leonard installations- och underhållsträning för återförsäljare. Leonard genomförde också fordonsparksgenomgångar med åkerier och tillhandahöll teknisk support. Har studerat på University of Maine, med en B.A. examen i Engelska med fokus på utbildning. Leonard har också gått på Texas State Technical College där han fick en doktorsexamen i fordonsmekanik.


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