Is the internet a game-changer for the commercial truck driver?

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

Internet communication and services play an important role in the transportation and logistics industry, as well as for the truck drivers. However, there is a possible side-effect to common online behaviour that may put extra pressure on the commercial truck driver…

Transportation has always been about carrying goods from one point to another. Once being a rather slow and mainly local business operated by way of steam engines and horses, it has evolved into today’s efficient global logistics operation. Today, most land transport takes place by truck, and irrespective of whether it’s international long-hauling or local distribution, the truck driver is fundamental for keeping trucks rolling – and for delivering the goods in reasonable time.

Just about timing

The need for precise delivery depends on the goods carried. For example, transporting medicine to hospitals or just-in-time deliveries to the industry are by nature time critical. For the driver carrying this kind of goods, punctuality is part of everyday life, and if he doesn’t keep up with the schedule, it may have severe consequences – one way or another.

For other drivers, punctuality may not be that critical, but rather desirable as it adds credit both to personal and company reputation.

Also, from a public perspective, there is a sense for the distinction between critical and non-critical transportation. Most people agree that critical – possibly emergency – transport is far more important than transportation of jeans or gardening tools. However, opinions can change rapidly…

A new set of rules emerging?

In the last years, there has been a dramatic consumer behaviour change. In many parts of the world, online shopping has exploded – and is steadily increasing. In turn, this leads to a change in the flows of goods: from earlier bulk delivery to stores into single item delivery to the end consumer. Of course, this will affect the transportation industry and commercial drivers in different ways…

Consumer attitudes are changing in that we expect the formerly “not so important” products to be delivered at the speed of critical goods.

As online shopping logistics has improved, delivery times have become shorter. Today, consumers demand ever quicker shipping and ever faster delivery. In fact, our attitudes are changing in that we expect the formerly “not so important” products to be delivered at the speed of critical goods. This in turn, will ultimately put more pressure on the commercial driver to deliver on time. So most likely, keeping up with the schedule will become more and more important in the future. But, one thing is for sure: yet we have only seen the beginning!

Luckily, there are aid and tools available for the commercial driver to avoid unexpected delays. You find them in our tips for keeping up with schedule. Feel free to download them below.

Download how to keep up with your schedule


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