Is 4x4 enough to keep your truck safe?

Written by Eric Jones,

Professional drivers don’t have the option of taking a day off to avoid the winter weather.

An operator’s skill and training are vital to driving safely in poor conditions. However, the type and quality of the vehicle’s systems are another important factor in staying safe in winter weather. To that end, we often receive questions about the need for Onspot Automatic Tire Chains on vehicles equipped with 4x4.

In a recent blog post, we discussed that traction is a product of friction created by adhesion and hysteresis of the tires on the road surface. A 4x4 drive system can be advantageous when one or more of the four drive wheels has the opportunity to gain traction. However, when driving on ice and snow, the ability for the tires alone to generate traction can be greatly reduced, especially when braking. In this case, a traction aid such as Onspot can provide the friction needed to stop or start safely.

In short, 4x4 or Automatic Tire Chains alone are not a perfect solution in all conditions. We consider these to be complementary products rather than competing goods. Unfortunately, not all budgets and applications allow for the use of both Automatic Tire Chains and 4x4. Check out our comparison guide to see which product might be the right fit for you!

4x4 vs Onspot

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