How Onspot Can Improve Your Daily Life

Written by Thomas Ancart,

Whether you are picking up household waste in isolated villages, driving children to school early in the morning, or delivering to customers awaiting their orders, drivers are almost always on the road. The open road can be great, but sometimes, the conditions can change to much less than favorable in a matter of minutes or even a couple miles.

Driving in extreme conditions can become stressful for the driver. When driving in a snow storm, dense fog, or on an icy road, arrival times are greatly affected whether it be freight, people, or emergency response. To cope with these extreme conditions, the driver must improve safety and reduce stress for both themselves and the cargo.

Keep Control

Slippery roads cause huge losses for the transportation and delivery industry every year. The losses stem from non-delivery, damaged goods, damaged vehicles, and human injuries; all from insufficient road grip. With the help of modern technologies, drivers can take proper actions to increase traction, like the Onspot Automatic tire chain system. When carrying out their daily work, the driver can have the peace of mind that if the road conditions change, the vehicle is equipped with the proper tool to get him to his destination safely.


A Specific Advantage for Each Business

All around the world, tire chains are the most effective tool to increase traction on icy roads. The following are specific areas where automatic tire chains improve daily lives:

  • First responders (such as fire trucks, ambulances, and tow trucks) improve response time to the scene
  • School busses delivering children to and from school are now safer and more efficient on slippery surfaces
  • Garbage trucks collect household waste on schedule
  • Coaches have improved arrival and departure times while also increasing passenger safety
  • Over the road trucks get their freight to and from the destination more effectively
  • Snow removal equipment becomes more efficient in removing snow and treating roads for the increased safety of everyday people travelling to and from work. The workers are safer and the public is safer: it’s a win-win!

The following is a true story from Jean Paul Stark - Employed at Montoy-Flanville for snow removal:

“Last winter, I had to do the snow removal for a municipality. I was alone in my truck and it was not yet daylight. I remember there was a road covered in ice sheets. Even though I am used to plowing through these times, I always have an apprehension before starting the service. During my work, I was coasting down a hill that cars could not safely navigate. I activated the Onspot system, and cleared the entire grade without losing control. Since that day, I know that Onspot will help me in extreme situations.”

The above are just some of the reasons why Onspot automatic tire chains have had over 150,000 systems installed in the last four decades. The system is simple, efficient, and effective. Contact us today for more information on how Onspot can improve you and your fleet!

Thomas Ancart

About Thomas Ancart

Thomas is the Onspot Product Manager for Pommier SA, France. He has 14 years of experience in the industry and obtained a Masters in Marketing from the Paris Business School. Thomas enjoys spending time with his wife and his dog, a Golden Retriever named Laïko. On the weekends you will normally find Thomas having a glass of wine with friends or in a dojo practicing Ju-Jitsu.


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