How does winter weather impact the efficiency of fleets?

Written by Leonard D'Orlando,

Winter weather driving season never fails to surprise drivers. However, for fleets, winter weather driving conditions can affect not only how vehicles stay on the road but also the efficiency of completing their deliveries.

Fleet managers contend with issues such as a lack of road maintenance and poorly equipped trucks which can cause major problems and increased costs. We must, however, adapt our business to the weather and slippery conditions ensuring the continued efficiency and productivity of their fleets.

Properly equipped vehicles adapted to different weather conditions and recommendations or laws are crucial to ensuring that the shipment will be delivered as agreed. Many countries also have legal requirements for both winter tires and snow chains.

We have produced a brief summary that you as a transportation and logistics contractor can review with your drivers to make their journeys as safe as possible. Check out our tips for ways of making your journey more efficient when the winter weather strikes and how you can improve your fleet uptime. It’s a good investment for your company.

How to Improve Fleet Uptime


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Leonard D'Orlando

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Leonard has six years with Onspot Automatic Tire Chains in North America. Four years as a field technician on the East Coast and two years as a Regional Sales Manager. During the four years as a field technician Leonard provided install and maintenance training to dealers. Leonard also performed fleet reviews for customers and provided technical service support. An alumnus from the University of Maine, Leonard graduated with a B.A. in English and a concentration in Education. Leonard also attended Texas State Technical College where he earned an associate’s degree in automotive mechanics.


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