How do I prepare for winter driving?

Written by Lucas Gulino,

Not so long ago, we saw on the roads trucks that kept the landscapes and green spaces alive. These vehicles equipped with several pieces of  equipment and accessories that cut the trees or maintained the road, change now to another type of equipment. The snow plows take place to clear away these new roads, which will become snow-covered and ice-free.

Winter tires? Studded tires? Chains?

The first snow or ice is often unpredictable, and we are each time surprised by the difficulties that come with it. The daily is upset by these bad weathers, but we can always better prepare for it. Before the winter weather strikes, you need to know the laws applicable in your region. You can find North American winter regulations per state at: North American regulations


Commercial drivers, firefighters, fleet managers…

Everybody and every business are impacted in different ways depending on the situation. For a commercial driver as well as for the fleet manager, being stuck on the road because of severe winter weather means a missed deadline, a loss of turnover and may even be a lost customer.  This can be more serious when it comes to firefighters or other emergency services. Not being able to go to the mission site can be a real risk for a human life. 

Snowy roads, not a question of skills driving.

No matter what the challenge or issue, driving on snowy or icy roads is not a question of skills but of prudence, planning and anticipation.

The main points to check when the winter is approaching are: 

  • Is my vehicle equipped with the appropriate tires in my area?
  • Has the equipment been checked and tested before taking the road?
  • How do the roads look the whole way? 

These questions are essential when planning your trip. We have for you our five tips for efficient driving when the winter weather strikes. We invite you to consult them below.

5 ways to improve performance in slippery conditions

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Slippery Roads

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Lucas is part of the Onspot sales team and is based in France. He studied sales and received a national diploma in a 2 year program. Lucas discovered Onspot when he was completing a 3 year program focused on trading and customer relationships, ultimately receiving a higher technician diploma in this area of study. Lucas has worked at Onspot since 2014 and he is passionate about the industry and its associated marketing strategies. Lucas is a lover of wine and travel. When he is not at work, you may find him in a restaurant or coffee shop in his hometown of Metz.
Lucas fait partie de l'équipe de vente Onspot et est basé en France. Il a étudié la vente et obtenu un diplôme national dans le cadre d'un programme de deux ans. Lucas a découvert Onspot alors qu'il achevait un programme de trois ans axé sur le commerce et les relations avec la clientèle, obtenant finalement un diplôme de technicien supérieur dans ce domaine d'étude. Lucas travaille chez Onspot depuis 2014 et se passionne pour le secteur de l'industrie et les stratégies marketing associées. Lucas est un amoureux du vin et des voyages. Quand il n'est pas au travail, vous pouvez le trouver dans un restaurant ou un café dans sa ville natale de Metz.


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