Happy New Year 2022!

Written by Shane Woodman,

2022, here we come! Happy New Year! 

That past 22 months have brought so many changes in our day to day lives and businesses. We have all spent more time in virtual meetings than ever imagined. As long as we have our health and happiness, then we can all put up with a few more virtual meetings.  

Just as we did last year, let us take a moment and thank all those front-line workers who worked tirelessly throughout this global pandemic. Without the sacrifices they made and the bravery they continue to show, there is no telling where we would be today. It has been 22 months and counting. Thank you for all you do.  

As we turn the page on 2021 over to 2022, take a moment and reflect on all the good 2021 has brought us.

Onspot would like to with you, your families, and businesses a Happy New Year!! 


Shane Woodman

About Shane Woodman

Shane serves as the Global Sales Director, bringing a decade of valuable industry expertise to his role. He holds an MBA from Walden University and completed his undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University. Beyond his professional pursuits, Shane treasures moments with his family—his wife Ashlee, son Palmer, and daughter Charlee. During weekends, you'll often find Shane on the golf course, dedicated to refining his skills and enjoying his favorite pastime.


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