For the mechanic -How to install automatic tire chains!

Written by Eric Carlebom,

Automatic tire chains have been on the market for a long time and are a proven system for increasing accessibility on slippery winter roads. The development of new trucks is fast, different fuels are available to choose from, such as "100% Electric" where the development is fast. But this also applies to "Automatic Tire Chains". Read more here  

What are automatic tire chains?
In order for the systems to be mountable on the different trucks, Onspot must also keep up with the same pace. An example of this are the bracket kits. Then the system must also be easy to assemble and maintain. This is where the mechanic comes into the picture and the important job of assembling the system correctly to get the best possible effect on slippery surfaces. 

The system is mounted under the rear axle of the truck next to the wheels. With the help of compressed air, an arm goes out towards the truck's tires where the chain wheel begins to spin. The chains are thrown under the tire, which means that the truck has better friction and grip as a result. But also that the stopping distance will be shorter. The system is activated at the push of a button in the cab and then deactivated in the same way. Having accessibility when you need it quickly is a success factor and increases safety along the roads. Add to that the financial aspects of reaching their customers on time and minimizing the risk of downtime. 

How do you order automatic tire chains?

The first step to ordering Onspot is to measure your vehicle. This gives us the info we need to build the kit specific to it, that way, when it’s time for installation, the chains work the best they can. You can go to to the measuring forms tab and find the best VSI for your vehicle. Next, go to the Find Us page and search for your state. This will give you the info of the regional manager that covers where you live, who will then get you a dealer close to you.

Working as a truck mechanic is a demanding but varied job. As a mechanic, you encounter different tasks and it is important to stay well-read and trained. New technologies and many areas that must be mastered. But this also makes the job interesting, one day is not the same. To make everyday life easier for the mechanic, we have created a free web-based E-Training for mechanics. There you will find tips and tricks on how to easily mount the automatic snow chains. We have also posted an assembly film showing how to proceed. Click on the button below to watch the film: 


How to mount Onspot video



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