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Written by Eric Carlebom,

As a fleet owner, you want to optimize your business. Therefore, it is important that your drivers have the right training and knowledge of the trucks they drive. Read more here 

It's not always easy to keep up and take in all the new information to stay up to date and educated. This places high demands on the haulier owners and the driver who use the truck on a daily basis. It is important that the business is operational and works in order for the company to be efficient and deliver on time. The competition is hard and therefore it is important that your truck has the right equipment and trained drivers. 

How can you minimize the risk of downtime as a truckdriver?

It is important that the trucks are properly equipped when making major financial investments, such as renewing the fleet . The trucks must meet the daily needs of the fleet company and handle unpredictable events such as unpaved roads or black ice. Imagine driving up a steep hill with new snow and slipping, or leving the slippery terminal unloaded.   

This can make it difficult to get around and this can create unnecessary delays. If your truck is equipped with automatic snow chains, you can easily activate them to get past the obstacle. It is then important that the system is used correctly and therefore also necessary that drivers receive the training they need on how Onspot works in practice. This can then be used in the daily work.

Our web-based Onspot training for drivers

At Onspot we want to make it easy for you as a fleet manager by offering drivers training in an easy way. We know that it can be difficult to interrupt the day-to-day activities to get together and attend courses. That's why we have developed parts of our training for drivers who use automatic snow chains.

The trainings are web-based so the drivers can  take theme at any time and they are also free of charge. The courses are well suited for drivers who are new to the job but also for those who have experience. 

What are the benefits for the fleet owner?

By giving drivers training on the truck's automatic snow chains, the risk of misuse and unnecessary workshop visits is minimized. Using the system correctly also minimizes the risk of downtime and increases efficiency. Keeping your schedule is important and unnecessary downtime can be costly.

Certificates after completing training

When the training is completed, the driver receives an Onspot certificate of completed training.

Where can I find the training?

Click on the button below to start the training:



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