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Written by Eric Jones,

Do you need to improve your transportation business? Maybe, instead of tweaking bits and pieces you should re-consider your entire business model. Or, at least look upon your business from new perspectives. Here is why!

According to Ulric Långberg, consultant and head of the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies in Sweden, an important first step is to start thinking about your business in new ways
- To meet growing and new requirements, businesses need to streamline their planning, and those who are able to increase their profitability will take their business to a new level and become more than just entrepreneurs
Are you also struggling with profitability in your freight transportation firm? You are not alone. More than half of the freight transportation firms in the USA and Europe have problems with profitability. The challenges posed by many unfavorable factors have never been so great as they are now. Lower rates, increased competition for the jobs, larger forwarding firms, a shortage of qualified drivers, tighter requirements for safety and quality certification, and requirements for clean, climate-friendly transport are just some of the challenges that freight contractors themselves describe as obstacles to good profitability.
At the same time, many forecasts indicate that the need for transport and the volume of goods will increase by more than 50% within 20 years, and the permitted total weight and length of trucks will also increase. The opportunities to grow your company are very great.
The freight industry is sometimes compared to a circulatory system or to worker ants building the whole anthill. A transport stoppage for just a few days is enough for large parts of our society to come to a sudden halt – grocery stores will be empty, medicines will be unavailable: the list could go on and on. The importance of truck freight cannot be underestimated, but despite the great need, many firms share the same problems.
How can freight transportation contractors adapt their operations to the challenges they face while also achieving profitability for their own companies? On the link below you will find an eBook with stories from freight transportations around the world
The Guide: How to improve fleet productivity

Fleet Managers Improving Fleet Productivity

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