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Written by Shane Woodman,

As a fleet manager, what’s our biggest objective? Arrive, deliver, or pickup safely and on time. If one of these three objectives are not accomplished, we are often met with disgruntled customers. The frustration tends to impact more than just the drive, customer, and fleet manager. Everyone will likely hear about it. More times than not, its mother natures fault. Maybe the driver ran into a snowstorm and had to chain up his or her tires.

These types of delays can be avoided by up-fitting trucks with our Onspot automatic tire chain systems. The days of getting out of your truck in the freezing cold, spending 45 minutes chaining up, and putting yourself in harms way of oncoming traffic are over. With the flip of a switch from the comfort of your cab, the driver will be able to apply traction safely and efficiently to the tires.

Take some time and asses your fleet. Has weather impacted your arrivals, deliveries, or pickup’s recently? If so, what was the main factor? Did the chain-up take too long? Maybe the truck could not operate properly in the slippery conditions, so the driver pulled over. Or something catastrophic happened, which we never want to hear.

We encourage you to review our Onspot automatic tire chain system. The days of pulling over in a snowstorm will be behind you. So will the days of putting drivers in harms way of oncoming traffic. There is something comforting about knowing you can gain traction with just one flip of the switch.

Download the eBook, "The Guide to improving fleet productivity" and get useful tips, from some sucessfull freight transportation firms in the USA and Europe, that can strengthen your company’s productivity. 


The Guide: How to improve fleet productivity

Fleet Managers Improving Fleet Productivity

Shane Woodman

About Shane Woodman

Shane is the Sales Manager, US & Canada for the Onspot of North America. He has 8 years of industry experience and received an MBA from Walden University. Shane enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn son, Palmer. On the weekend, you can normally find Shane playing golf and always trying to hone in his skills.


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