Fleet Manager – be prepared for slippery roads !

Written by Thomas Ancart,

As many Fleet Managers, you work every day for having the best result of your fleet and to have drivers happy. You have the best trucks in your fleet with last technological accessories to conquest the road. But you may have forgotten something ? The weather can quickly change, and you will be at a loss if you don’t have the right equipment. Learn more here.

Try always to be in the best position

A beautiful day is coming, all your drivers left on time this morning and are ready to deliver your customers. You look outside and see that it is starting to snow lightly. You start to be worried, because you know that deliveries are going to be difficult for your drivers and the risk to be stopped or to have an accident can increase. Then, you have no choice but to call back your drivers and reschedule deliveries. You could stay calm if all your trucks were equipped with a traction device.

Different ways to increase traction

On the Onspot website, you will find an overview of the different options available. It is called “Ways to increase traction" and covers automatic tire/snow chains, conventional tire and snow chains and textile tire socks. It gives a summary of the pros and cons of the different systems.

This free summary is always available on the homepage of Onspot. Download it now or save the link for future references.

Automatic snow chains can help you

The system can be mounted on many vehicles and our configurator online will guide you to order the right kits. Mounted on the truck, the driver has only to push a bottom inside the cabin for having traction again and to continue his journey to his destination. With our system, drivers will be safe and will limit the risk of accident.

Ways to increase traction North American version

When you click on the blue button below you will get access to the comparison of different traction increasing systems :


How to improve performance on icy roads



Learn even more about traction aid for heavy vehicles here


Traction aids for heavy vehicles

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