Firetruck driver -Why is it good to have automatic tire chains?

Written by Eric Carlebom,


Working as a firefighter places great demands on you as a person, your professional skills and your education. The development of equipment and vehicles also accelerating and today's fire trucks are
advanced and complex. It is important that the driver and the firefighter team know their firetruck and its equipment. Poor equipment can have consequences for the emergency response time.

Why is the response time so important?
The only answer to that question is to be able to reach the accident as fast as possible to save lives or put out a fire. Obstacles can arise along the way that can create delays and stress for firefighters before they reach their destination. Some of these causes can be prevented, for exempele a traffic jame can be prevented with an efficient GPS system that give the 
driver a new route to avoid delays. Another reason can be icy road conditions. Imagine that it has been snowing most of the night and the snowplow are working full but dosent have time to plow the roads and the alarm goes off.  Then the firefighters don´t have many seconds before the truck must be ready to start and be out on the road. Once the firetruck is out on the road, the driver notices that the road is icy and there is a lot of snow on the road. Then it's nice to know that your firetruck is equipped with automatic tire chains.

How to shorten the emergency response time?
With a simple push on a button, the firetruck's automatic tire chains are activated. The arm throws the chains under the tires and makes contact with the wheels and the road surface. The friction between the road surface and the tires increases immediately and the passability is improved so that the driver can reach his destination in a safe way. Automatic tire chains
minimize the risk of delays and shorten the important emergency response time for firefighters. To have the right equipment is very important.

How to improve the working environment with the right equipment?
To have the right equipment on your fire truck, will create extra security for the firefighters in their daily work. It minimizes the risk of stress if  you know that the equipment can help reduce emergency response time. Having automatic tire chains mounted on the vehicle also creates a safer working environment and increased safety for others on the road. 

Maintenance & Spare Parts
Maintaining your Onspot system is important too and there is a wide network of partners who offers maintenance and new assembly. 

If you want to know more how to shorten the emergency response time. Please read here.

How to shorten your response time



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