Emergency Vehicles- What are rescue drivers saying

Written by Shane Woodman,

Do you experience white knuckles when driving in the snow? As a rescue driver, there is someone on the other end of your route relying on your arrival. No matter how nervous you are about the weather, deep down you know that you are about to potentially save a life. So you push through. 

You realize that time is of the essence on every call. The clock keeps ticking and you must reach the destination. Most vehicles are not equipped to handle snow and ice making it that much more difficult to reach that destination. So much runs though your mind as you race to get there. Is the patient going to be okay, am I going to be able to get them out of the building, is it too late? Being in an emergency drivers position is roller coaster of emotions. Your job is so important! 

We understand what you are going through. At Onspot our job is to make sure you can perform your job even better. The race against time becomes easier when you know your vehicle is equipped with the proper equipment. Be the hero in the race against time. 

So many emergency vehicles are equipped with Onspot's. 

Your are a front line hero. Keep up the great work!

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