Operating Onspot E-training is now available for school bus drivers

Written by Thomas Ancart,

Every year, millions of children take the bus every day to go to school and go home. For a short time, the school bus driver has the mission to transport young passengers safely and bring them to their destination on time. His mission becomes harder when winter is coming, as slippery roads can affect his daily routine. Learn more here

In a harsh winter day, school bus driver may be afraid to drive because he knows that he could put in danger the safety of its passengers. Loss of traction is a problem that is solved with  Onspot automatic tire chains. The driver has just to push a bottom inside the cabin and the traction is coming back instantly. Your stress will go down and you will continue your mission in the best possible way.

The Onspot system will help you to cross the roads safely. We have created a new e-training portal to give you confidence to use the automatic snow chain system in the right way.

How do you register your account at the Onspot e-Training portal? It is always on www.onspot.com. Your training can be completed, step by step,  as soon as you have the time for it. At the end of the Operating Onspotl training, you will receive a certificate as a proof of your new knowledge.

Click on the blue bottom below to register now !

School bus driver perfectly knows what can occur during the journey if the snow falls or if the roads are completely iced. Delays or accidents can quickly disrupt your mission and safety of the passengers can be affected if you don’t drive with safety in mind. But slippery roads are not a problem if your bus is well equipped and if you know how to use these accessories. Following our online course, you will be well prepared !

At the end, you will be a professional driver that always transport the children with safety. All the parents will be reassured to know their children are in good hands. Knowing to conquer the slippery roads, you will work stressless !


E-Training Portal


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