Don’t Forget About the Truck Accessories

Written by Lucas Gulino,

The use of a truck is two-fold. For the owner, it is a tool for generating revenue, while for the driver, it is the workplace. Many people consider truck accessories as costly gadgets only, like, the Coffee Machine De Luxe. However, there are accessories that not only increase driver’s comfort and safety but also increase operational efficiency. Let us have a look at some obvious accessories – and some less obvious…

There are a plethora of truck accessories on the market. Some can be crucial in a specific situation should it occur, while others can make everyday operations a little easier. Besides cost vs. benefit, there are other things to consider when looking at accessories. For example, is this accessory allowed in my country? If crossing borders, are there accessories that are mandatory in some countries?


  • Truck lights


Human night vision declines with age. It is such a slow process that many people don’t realize that they are gradually losing their night vision. This is especially true for drivers from the age of 50 on. Mounted extra lights will increase safety when driving at night.

  • Light in case of need

If you must stop at night to check or fix something, you hopefully have a torch in the cab. But is your torch the optimal working light? With a strong LED head torch you will have both hands free and have your work area perfectly lit.

Air deflectors


Besides adding to the look of the truck, these simple accessories add to fuel economy. By their improving the truck’s aerodynamics, fuel consumption can be reduced – many times up to some 10 %.



For trucks towing a full or centre-axle trailer coupling, accessories can improve driver’s comfort and safety as well as reducing repair and maintenance costs.

  • Air assistance

Depending on the mechanical principle of the coupling, some could be quite heavy to handle. With an air assistance device opening and closing of the coupling, the driver saves both time and his back.

  • Automatic maintenance

Smart devices can both clean and lubricate the coupling mechanism automatically. By this, the coupling is always in perfect condition, reducing the cost of service and repair. This is quite convenient for the driver since he no longer has to do the dirty job of cleaning and lubricating manually.

  • Automatic coupling

For maximum convenience, time-saving, and driver’s safety, automatic coupling could be the ultimate choice. For the driver who does many couplings a day, coupling without even leaving the cab will save time and effort.


  • Snow chains


Snow chains (and a shovel!) could come in handy in situations when road grip is lost. Actually, in some countries, carrying snow chains is mandatory in winter time and the chains must be shown upon request from traffic police – even if roads are dry.

  • Automatic snow chains


Automatic snow chains like Onspot, may well be the ultimate convenience for increasing traction. Just press a button and the chains are engaged or disengaged. The automatic snow chains are visible, engaged or not, so you won’t be stopped for control of snow chains.



360 Camera SystemMounting a video camera in the back will increase driver’s visibility. There are many options in the market and video systems range from basic to advanced and feature-stuffed. Irrespective of features, a back camera will improve both safety and convenience when reversing.

“Yes, it is nice to have, but is it really worth the money?”

When considering accessories, you should always look at the cost-benefit ratio. Some accessories appeal to the gadget-minded and you could definitely live without them. However, some accessories that seemingly improve convenience actually improves safety – and safety is a benefit that can prove to be priceless.

"What is traction, friction, and road grip?"

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Lucas Gulino

About Lucas Gulino

Lucas is part of the Onspot sales team and is based in France. He studied sales and received a national diploma in a 2 year program. Lucas discovered Onspot when he was completing a 3 year program focused on trading and customer relationships, ultimately receiving a higher technician diploma in this area of study. Lucas has worked at Onspot since 2014 and he is passionate about the industry and its associated marketing strategies. Lucas is a lover of wine and travel. When he is not at work, you may find him in a restaurant or coffee shop in his hometown of Metz.
Lucas fait partie de l'équipe de vente Onspot et est basé en France. Il a étudié la vente et obtenu un diplôme national dans le cadre d'un programme de deux ans. Lucas a découvert Onspot alors qu'il achevait un programme de trois ans axé sur le commerce et les relations avec la clientèle, obtenant finalement un diplôme de technicien supérieur dans ce domaine d'étude. Lucas travaille chez Onspot depuis 2014 et se passionne pour le secteur de l'industrie et les stratégies marketing associées. Lucas est un amoureux du vin et des voyages. Quand il n'est pas au travail, vous pouvez le trouver dans un restaurant ou un café dans sa ville natale de Metz.


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