Do mechanics recommend Onspot?

Written by Eric Jones,

Onspot is one of several traction devices that can improve friction and stop the vehicle from sliding or becoming stuck. The drivers experience a huge benefit from having increased traction at the flip of a dashboard switch. But what does this mean for the mechanic?

As a mechanic, you are a major part of keeping drivers, passengers, cargo, and other motorists safe. It’s the mechanic who ensures that all of the vehicles safety systems are in good working order. In the wintertime, it’s especially important that the systems are reliable and easy to maintain.

Unfortunately, electronic traction control, 4x4, and new tires aren’t always enough to keep vehicles stable when snow and ice are present. In fact, the key to staying safe on slippery surfaces is having a device that can increase the friction between the tire and road surface. The grip between these surfaces is known as coefficient of friction and even small improvements in this ratio can be the difference between the wheels spinning or achieving traction.

Onspot is permanently mounted to the vehicle and designed for long life with minimal maintenance. The system is designed specifically for each particular vehicles’ suspension and other attributes which simplifies installation and increases reliability. Check out the video below to hear what real world mechanics have to say about Onspot.

What Mechanics Say

Fleet Maintenance improve performance on slippery roads Onspot service

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