Do automatic tire chains benefit rescue drivers?

Written by Eric Jones,

What rescue drivers say...Automatic tire chains continue to be a top choice of rescue drivers. The challenges faced in this profession are unique and those challenges play to the strengths of an automatic traction solution.

Why? The benefits can be summed up in these key points.

Traction on demand

You get traction immediately, so you don’t lose valuable response time. Actually, if you believe ice or snow will be coming soon you can engage automatic tire chains before encountering the slippery area. In this way, you ensure that traction isn’t lost when you hit the slick spot.

We all know that traction is just as important when stopping. Onspot is equally helpful at preventing the vehicle from sliding through a slow down, stop, or when in reverse.

Ease of use

An automatic tire chain system is engaged by the flip of a switch, without stopping the vehicle. The driver can disengage as soon as the road is dry again, just flip the switch in the opposite direction and it will stow until needed again in the future.

Effective, reliable and durable

You may not have always noticed them, but Onspot automatic tire chains have been operating on thousands of rescue vehicles over the past few decades. A set of Onspot provides the traction comparable to conventional tire chains. It gives you the traction needed in critical situations when you must not lose valuable time. Actually, even if your tires are not optimal for the slippery situation, the automatic tire chains give you traction irrespective of tire type or wear and tear.

Permanently installed

An automatic tire chain system is permanently installed and ready to use whenever you need to get traction. The driver simply has to flip the switch, no other action is required for engagement.

Want to hear more? Check out our video to see what rescue drivers have to say about using Onspot.

What rescue drivers say...


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