Commercial Driver- Why automatic tire chains?

Written by Shane Woodman,

We are nearing the end of winter. No doubt winter played a big role in your driving schedule. Your safety is the #1 most important outcome of your route. Read more here

Think back at this winter. Did you have any white knuckled moments driving on an icy road or over a snowy pass? Or did you have to pull over to wait a storm out?

I know, you probably felt safe after chaining up your truck. However, the inexperienced drivers moving passed you at 40+ MPH was likely an unsettling feeling while out of your truck chaining up. Stay warm, dry, and most importantly… SAFE.

Have you ever considered having the ability to chain up from the comfort of your cab? And by chain up I mean flip a switch in your dash. Next time you see another commercial vehicle drive by while you are out chaining up, there’s a good chance they have that little switch in their dash. What is this switch in the dash? Click here and learn what others are saying about Onspot.


Watch why commercial drivers prefer Onspot



Read all about Onspot automatic tire chains here

Commercial Driver

Shane Woodman

About Shane Woodman

Shane is the Regional Sales Director, North America for the Onspot of North America. He has 10 years of industry experience. Shane received an MBA from Walden University and his undergrad from Pennsylvania State University. In his free time, Shane enjoys spending time with his wife Ashlee, son Palmer, and daughter Charlee. On the weekend, you can normally find Shane playing golf and always trying to hone in his skills.


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