Commercial Driver- Conventional tire chain mounting vs Automatic tire chains

Written by Shane Woodman,

Snowstorms, they are likely to happen 

It is time to hit the road, but you know there's a good chance you will encounter a snowstorm on the way to your destination... You know the objective is to reach your destination safely and on-time. At some point along the journey your truck is going to need tire chains applied to the road surface. You have two options in this situation; get out of the vehicle and chain your tires up (while traffic is driving past you) or use automatic tire chains by flipping a switch from the comfort of you cab. 

Conventional chains- are they safe?

Remember the objective above?... Reach your destination safely and on-time. The problem we see with conventional chains is that it not safe for drivers to get out of the vehicle during a snow storm. Not to mention the amount of time it will take you to pull over and get the chains over the tires. 

Automatic tire chains- Gets the job done

With automatic tire chains the driver will have the ability to apply chains by flipping a single switch from inside the cab. Not much time and energy wasted there, right? It sounds a whole lot better knowing that you'll complete your trip and be home quickly and safely to your family. 

Take notice of how you operate in a snowstorm today. Ask yourself, do I really want to step out of this cab to attach my tire chains just to remove them 20 minutes later when I clear the storm? Or, does it sound more appealing to apply automatic tire chains without stepping foot outside at the beginning, middle, or end of the storm. 

Now that you have taken the time to think about your process, maybe it's time to consider the alternative of automatic tire chains. Not only will your boss be thankful you are completing jobs on-time, but your family will be happy to see you safe and at home. 


A comparison: Manual vs Automatic Tire Chains


To learn more about automatic tire chains. Please visit the all about automatic tire chains site 

Automatic Tire Chains and Alternatives snow chains

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