Commercial driver - e-training on automatic tire chains

Written by Thomas Ancart,

With more products ordered on-line the goods transportation system is getting even more important. Everyone wants to have the ordered things at the expected delivery time. Being a commercial vehicle driver your daily routs should be as easy to handle as possible. Learn more here

In the cold days of the year the well prepared drivers will have the upside when slippery roads occur. Loss of traction is a problem that is solved by automatic tire chains. No need to get out of a vehicle getting stuck in an icy hill. All of the on-line ordered products will be deliverd on time and you will also get home on time by the end of the day

Being the largest producer of such systems in the world we hear that a lot from happy users. The driver shortage in the world brings lot of new drivers to distribution companies. To help train them there is a new e-training portal available for the new drivers. To give them confidence to use an automatic tire chain system in the right way.

Do register an account at the Onspot e-Training portal. It is always available on You can take your training when ever you have the time for it. After completeing the Operating Onspot Automatic Tire Chains training you can even print a certifcate as a prof of your new knowledge.

Register now, there is a direct link when you click the blue button below. Free of charge of course.

In 2018, road freight transport accounted for 60,8 % of the total inland freight transport (in weight), followed by rail and inland waterways transport (8,4 % and 5.5 % respectively) according to U.S. Departement of Transportations. With som much gods transports on the roads even a slight delay due to slippery roads will case a lot of problems. Slippery roads are not a problem if your vehicle is correct equiped and you have the knowledge how to use it. By taking the on-line course you are prepared

You will be the professional driver that always deliver on time. Imagine the happy customers getting the goods they have ordered. When you arrive home after a full days work you can relax and be proud of your self, you know how to conquer the slippery roads!



Want to know more about different ways of  getting road grip in winter time? Read the free resources here





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