Black Ice- How to remain safe in your vehicle

Written by Shane Woodman,

Black ice. How do you conquer that in a quick way without having to leave the safety in your vehicle. Read more here

We have all turned a corner while it’s below freezing. In the back of our minds we wonder, ‘I hope the road isn’t frozen.’ More times than not, we leave that corner unscathed. On that rare occasion our vehicle slides just enough to make us uncomfortable. Not enough for major damage and we still make it home to our loved ones. Ice or even worse, black ice could be more hazardous than snow itself. The reasoning is we often cannot see ice.

Even when snow is not present, we still must keep our eyes on the road ahead. Sounds obvious right? So many fleet owners deal with tragedy every year due to drivers falling victim to the hazards of the roads. The hardest part for these drivers is to spend the time to equip the vehicle with chains. They have deadlines and the roads look safe. Snow isn’t present so why bother, right?

What if there was a way to hit the ice, apply traction, and remain safe? Would your family feel more comfortable about you driving a mountain road below freezing? The answer is simple, YES. And you would feel more comfortable.

Onspot’s solution does just that for the drivers. If you hit the ice, you can instantly flip a switch in your cab to apply chains under your tire. Now you are safe and still on schedule. Your family will never even know what ‘could’ have happened.

Safety is more important than anything while on the road. Onspot gives you that extra sense of security for you do your job. Flip the switch now.

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