Automatic Tire Chains for Light Vehicles

Written by Lucas Gulino,

From emergency vehicles, garbage trucks, and snow removal vehicles to passenger or goods transport vehicles, each profession requires adapted and different vehicles. While some equipment have advantages on trucks, others better fit on lighter vehicles. But what about Onspot? Does it fit as well on a light vehicle as trucks? Are the advantages the same? Let's compare and answer it!

On the Road Today

According to, there is an estimate of 15.5 million trucks operating in the U.S.; Of this figure, 2 million are tractor trailers. In the United States, the tractor trailer has been the go to for trucking, but the light van is slowly making it's way into the US economy. With large cargo vans being smaller than Class 8 trucks, they can get to more remote or rural areas easier, as well as in the center of city hubs where big rigs are not allowed. In the emergency industry, ambulances in particular, the medium to heavy duty pickup chassis is very popular.


Specific tasks, specific vehicles.

-Transport and logistics

The light commercial vehicle is seen as the last link in the transport / logistics chain since it will often be this vehicle that will be used to deliver to distant customers, where the trucks can’t be as maneuverable in the city or small town.

-Emergency services

When an intervention is needed in a dangerous environment or in the city center, it’s the lighter vehicles that are the easiest to drive in order to be on time and save lives.

-Municipal vehicles

Small towns and villages are often in charge of collecting waste and remove snow from their areas. Investing in trucks is often too expensive for these smaller cities who prefer to use smaller but equally useful vans.

-Yard tractors

Less known than other light vehicles, the yard tractor is also a transport solution used by many airports or ports to move planes, trailers, and containers.


Right place, right moment

Lots of equipment and accessories will improve the daily driving on your vehicle, and you can find some of them that will help you to achieve your mission. Onspot is one of them, always here, ready to use by pushing the button.

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Lucas Gulino

About Lucas Gulino

Lucas is part of the Onspot sales team and is based in France. He studied sales and received a national diploma in a 2 year program. Lucas discovered Onspot when he was completing a 3 year program focused on trading and customer relationships, ultimately receiving a higher technician diploma in this area of study. Lucas has worked at Onspot since 2014 and he is passionate about the industry and its associated marketing strategies. Lucas is a lover of wine and travel. When he is not at work, you may find him in a restaurant or coffee shop in his hometown of Metz.
Lucas fait partie de l'équipe de vente Onspot et est basé en France. Il a étudié la vente et obtenu un diplôme national dans le cadre d'un programme de deux ans. Lucas a découvert Onspot alors qu'il achevait un programme de trois ans axé sur le commerce et les relations avec la clientèle, obtenant finalement un diplôme de technicien supérieur dans ce domaine d'étude. Lucas travaille chez Onspot depuis 2014 et se passionne pour le secteur de l'industrie et les stratégies marketing associées. Lucas est un amoureux du vin et des voyages. Quand il n'est pas au travail, vous pouvez le trouver dans un restaurant ou un café dans sa ville natale de Metz.


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