August. Time to prepare for Christmas travels!

Written by Thomas Kaiser,

Christmas? In August? Well, not quite, but this time of year many people around the world start reserving their bus tickets for Christmas travels. They are traveling to either spend the holidays in a winter resort or just visiting friends and families. All of these people have one thing in common: they plan and make early reservations to be well prepared and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Many bus companies also plan and prepare, knowing Christmas is a peak travel time. Different companies have different strategies for coping with an increase in demand. Some companies can adapt quickly and arrange extra buses and drivers on short notice, while others run a fixed number of buses, irrespective of demand. Moreover, the bus companies make sure the vehicles are in perfect condition for safely transporting passengers – although bus accident statistics may indicate otherwise.


How to optimize the safety for your bus?

Bus companies operating in mountainous areas with snowy and icy winter roads are well aware of the necessity of traction to get passengers safely to their destination on time. As snow tires and snow chains are standard equipment, it’s a bit surprising that the awareness of automatic snow chains seems to be somewhat low in some countries and areas. Planning for winter and Christmas should not only be about transport capacity, but also about optimizing safety.

Just like travelers who start planning early for their Christmas travels, bus companies should plan for having automatic tire chains installed. When winter strikes and bus passengers are traveling on icy roads at Christmastime, preparedness is the key to avoiding unpleasant surprises and travel delays for your passengers.

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