Are Trucks of the Future Already Available?

Written by Thomas Ancart,

Natural gas, 100% electric, and autonomous trucks are the vehicles of the future, but one might find it interesting that those are actually closer to the present thanks to the many innovations of manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.

Safety and respect for the environment are at the heart of the news for manufacturers of trucks and light commercial vehicles, as well as equipment manufacturers. Last year, features of an autonomous truck were tested by the manufacturer VOLVO, along with the RENOVA group. It was concluded that automation may improve road safety, working conditions, and reduce the impact on the environment in many situations.

A real impact on the environment!

Most manufacturers are developing or partnering with others to quickly develop their alternate fuels and their connections with the autonomous product ranges. Technological advances in the automotive and industrial sectors are trending toward a revolution in road transport in the coming years. But what are the advantages of these new technologies?

Environmental impact:

The cities will be quieter with less noise pollution and the air will become cleaner with an ambition of zero emissions in the long term.


A connected and secure truck is not always about being "all electric", it’s also about the improvement of traffic flows and therefore a healthier work environment.

Revolutionary technologies.

According to studies by Volvo Trucks for the Xcycle project, "Nearly 40% of accidents between a truck and a cyclist occur on the passenger side of the vehicle." The Swedish manufacturer wants to combine on-board detection systems with city traffic systems to help prevent accidents, so that the driver and the cyclist receive a safety alert via the traffic lights! Improving vision through larger windows associated with lower chassis designs is also a possibility studied by the same manufacturer.

There are many technologies dedicated to improving the work environment. Here at Onspot, we strive to improve our designs and be on the leading edge of safety when it comes to adverse weather conditions; as well as driver safety. With our system, the driver never has to leave the safety of the cab!

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