4x4 vs. Onspot

Written by Leonard D'Orlando,

There are times while working the booth at a trade show that people will tell me they are considering the Onspot automatic tire chain system, but are also considering 4X4 as well. When purchasing a new vehicle, 4x4 is a common option to consider. No wonder, since it’s a familiar and well-tried solution with good features for safer driving, but it is also easy to ignore its weaknesses and believe that there is no better alternative.

If you think things through long enough when it comes to situations where traction is crucial for your operations, you may conclude that 4x4 is not the perfect solution.

There are several variables that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to traction devices for a vehicle. In cases where driver safety is of the utmost importance and vehicles must make it on time through icy, snowy roads in harsh winter conditions, but total cost of ownership is an issue, then automatic tire chains may be a better choice.

The article that follows “4X4 or Onspot – what’s best for my fleet?” is a great comparison guide to help give extra insight into this important decision. When it comes to deciding on a traction device for your vehicles this decision should not simply be routine. This decision should be made for your fleet’s optimal goals in mind.

4x4 vs. Onspot

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