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E-training for Onspot is available now. It prepares you for successfull  operation and use of the system. Learn more here

The benefit of training

When operating a truck or bus you need to know how to handle the equipment in the right way. That is so that you arrive where you are headed, on time.

Come winter time, your vehicle hopefully is equipped with Onspot automatic snow chains to overcome the slippery roads. With the loss of tractions you might not be delivering on time. You want to stay in the warm cabin instead of getting out in the cold and dangerous enviroment in winter traffic

For you as a driver it might be hard to find the time to read manuals. With the Onspot E-training platform you can take the free courses when you have the time. You will get a certificate once you have finalized a course as a proof of your newly gained knowledge

E-Training for drivers and mechanics

Sign into the e-training portal on the Onspot homepage. It is for free and available on different platforms. Choose your courses and start your trainings. . The Driver´s manual is the go-to course for you as a driver. It explanes how it works, when to use the system. How to maintain it and also when not to use it. Other courses are more focused on how to install and adjust the system - they are made with the mechanic in mind



Take the trainings now. When you have completed it you receive a certificates. That you can bring to your fleet manager as a proof of your newly gained knowledge.

It is dangerous being outside puting on regular snow chains on a vechicle. Your company has invested in equipment that will help you not having to do that. With automatic snow chains you just push a button in the safety of your warm cabin. With the E-Training you make sure that you use the Onspot system at its best.

By doing this you arrive at the designated point when you are supposed to. You will also make it back home safely and on time.

Popular Courses:

• Drivers Manual
• Bracket Mounting
• Mounting the Onspot arm
• How to adjust the cylinders
• How to adjust the chain wheel 



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 Look in the header of the Onspot homepage and you will find E-Training as an option. It is available in English, German, Swedish and Norwegian. More languages will follow.

Click below and go directly to the E-training site:




Want to know more about automatic snow chains? Click here

Automatic Snow Chains onspot e-training

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Onspot is the world leading manufacturer of automatic snow chains. It is the optimal solution for on-time and safe operation in winter driving conditions. Onspot is there whenever you need it, simply flip the dashboard switch and traction is available in forward, reverse or stopping. Onspot is a member of VBG Group (public).

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