Removal of throttle valve

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The Onspot have included a throttle valve for many years. It is, sometimes, used when the installation demands a different resting position of the arms. Learn more here

What is the function of the throttle valve?

This Onspot system works with sequence so that  one of the arms is activated slightly before the other one. By doing so the arms will not colide in the middle. The first arm has already passed that area when the other arm is activated

When installing a Onspot you occasionaly stumble upon a vehicle that has some kind of custom structure in the axle area. Sometimes you have to adjust the resting positions of the Onspot arms to be able to fit the system. In even more rare situations one arm, with the adjusted resting position,  can stop the other arm from reaching its working position. That is because the arms are deployed in sequence and  not at the same time. 

The throttle valve is then introduced on the air supply to the Onspot cylinder with the arm that is supposed to be activated first. By doing so the deployment is delayed. The other arm (with the adjusted resting position) can meanwhile activate as is supposed to. When the other arm is gone the first arm can deploy and reach the tire as planned


56-701200 Throttle valve  1080

Why is the throttle valve removed from the regular instalation kit?

We are getting support issues with  instalations of the throttle valve when it is not needed. Since it is in the box the installer uses all the parts :-). Then one can get problems with the arms working in the wrong sequence. To avoide this we now remove it from the regular instalation kit.


What if I need a throttle valve for my instalation?

Relax, you can still order it separately. It has article number 56-701200 and the current price is €16,80



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