Onspot bracket kit for Renault D14 4x4

Written by Onspot International,

New Onspot bracket kit for Renault D14 4x4. Read more here.

Available now is a bracket kit that is custom made for Reanult D14 equiped with leaf suspension, 4x4 and high chassis height. That is a type of truck that  is frequently used for fire trucks and construction.

56-748900 Onspot brcket for Renault D-Range

Everything is included when you order the system. Use the article numbers below. The mounting instruction is available here

A complete installation consists of the following parts:

Vehicle bracket kit: 56-748900
Switch kit: 56-241010
Onspot kit: 56-700500
It works with vehicles equiped with tyre dimension 365/85R R20" or larger
Free E-Training, online 24/7, on how to install the Onspot system is now available. Click here to sign up: 

Looking for Onspot for another vehicle. Check out the Configurator here


Press release from Onspot Renault D-Range

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