New partner for Onspot in France

Written by Eric Jones,

Onspot, maker of automatic snow chains, is now announcing a new partner for the strategically important French market. With the announcement of this agreement, the company is now ready to meet the strong demand for automatic snow chains in France.


The partner, Pommier S.A.S., with the head office located in Paris, is a well-respected company with a large portfolio of products and services. The skills and expertise of the Pommier S.A.S. team, in targeted markets, positions them as the perfect partner for Onspot.

Anders Erkén, Division Manager, VBG Group Truck Equipment says:

“- This will be a successful partnership between two major players in the market. We are both active in the segment of safety equipment for trucks and buses. Pommier has a strong coverage and presence all over France. Onspot will have a bright future in the market with this cooperation.”

The agreement was signed on November 18th after a successful dialogue on the optimal approach for marketing Onspot in France.

The two companies will now begin an intensive period of setting up connections between key persons to begin the onboarding process. An extensive plan was prepared during the autumn that includes product training, service department knowledge, marketing initiatives, order processing and a lot more.

“-This will be very intense, there’s a lot of knowledge that must be transferred to our new partner. We are in the peak season so they will have plenty of opportunities from the start. Our skilled organization has a special team working to make the transition as successful as possible.” said Eric Jones, Global Sales Director.

Pommier will begin addressing all issues regarding Onspot Automatic Snow Chains in France starting now

Learn more about the new partner on this site:



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