New Onspot brackets for Volvo Bus

Written by Onspot International,

Together with Volvo Bus we have developed two new bracket kits for Volvo buses. Learn more here.

The adaptation of the bracket kits are a little different between them but the result is the same; you can equip the bus with Onspot Automatic Snow Chains.

With this equipment you are sure to reach the goal of the journey, regardless of weather conditions, on time. All with the convenience of flipping a switch inside the warmth of your driver seat. No need to get out in the cold weather to install regular snow chains. 

Over 150 000 vehicles have been equipped with Onspot over the years. Click here to see a short movie about what they say: What customers say

56-716700 Volvo Bus B8R and B11R

Depending on engine type and suspension you are advised by the Onspot configurator for the correct kit. Click here to go visit the configurator:

Find your Onspot with the Configurator


Picture used with kind permission from Volvo Bus


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