New bracket kit for Volvo trucks with extra stabilizor bars

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Additional rear stabilizers on heavy trucks improves the usability of high capacity vehicles. Now Onspot offers a brand new braket kit for Volvo trucks, equiped with such stabilizers.  Learn more here:

The Onspot range is constantly developing. This is to make sure that you always will find a suitable kit for your vehicle. Fresh from the R/D departement is now a new kit for  Volvo  trucks with ARSTA-FR rear stabilizers. The bracket kit fit trucks with RADD-GR rear axles in various configurations.


Why additional rear stabilizers?

The additional rear stabilizer are used to improve roll stiffness for air suspended rigid trucks, according Volvo Trucks
The stabilizers are added to compensate for the load increase at hight capacity transports. That is combination weights exceeding above 64 tonnes. This is good for the driver and the usability of the truck.
In the illustration below,  from the fact sheet for additional rear stabilizers from Volvo Trucks, you see them marked in yellow
How ever, this makes it slightly more complicated to get the space needed for an optimal Onspot installation. 

The solution

The solution is to create a new Onspot bracket kit that can be mounted on trucks with the additional stabilizers installed. We have manged to do that!

By using clever design with precisely calculated material thickness, bending and machining, the new bracket is equally strong and reliable as the prooven Onspot bracket range

56-737600 Onspot

One of the first installations

One of the first installations will be on the new Volvo Trucks ETT project vehicle. A High Capacity Transport project for future transport solutions. Onspot has been a member of that project since the it started many years (and trucks) ago.

Volvo ETT 2020 II 1920w


The new Onspot kit contains this:

Vehicle bracket kit: 56-737600
Switch kit: 56-241020
Onspot kit: 56-700500
Suggested wheel kit: 56-726000 (190 mm wheel with six chains)
You will find all the different models  and configurations here: Configurator
New to installing Onspot? Here is a video explaining how to make a typical installation:
How to mount Onspot video
(Pictures, with kind permission, from Volvo Trucks)

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