Money back guarantee -for six months! What is that?

Written by Ulrik Andersson,

Looking into investing in your first Onspot, automatic snow chain system for your fleet? You have two-years of Product Warranty and also, on top of that, six months of Money Back Guarantee. What is that? Learn more here

To be extra secure when you start to equip your fleet with automatic snow chains there are two important features.


The 2 Years Factory Warranty

The product warranty. Works as you would expect today. Valid 24 months from the date of instalation. It covers material and manufacturing issues so that you can be certain that everything is correct when you receive your Onspot. The "fine printing" you will find in the Onspot Price List, on page 2. You can also read it here: Onspot Terms of Sales - Warranty

Warranty 4-3 640wThe 6 months money back guarantee

To give you the extra good feeling of investing in something new, you have a 6 months money back guarantee. That is to make sure that you can test the system and see the benefit of the solution. To really get the feeling on how good it is on those slippery, cold days.

If you do not see the benefit of the Onspot system, we will take it back and refund you the price you payed, no questions asked. Mounting and de-mounting costs are on you. Talk to your local sales agent to manage this.


So, head over to the Onspot Configurator and find your specific vehicle kit now!

Find your Onspot with the Configurator

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