Improved brackets for Volvo with special prop shafts

Written by Onspot International,

On some Volvo trucks with a prop shaft called PROP-L or PROPS-LE we have had to mount the Onspot cylinders in an angled position


Otherwise it has been possible to hit the prop shaft. This has given the arm a long swing radius causing a possible low pressure towards the tire.

With the modified bracket the arm has full power towards the tire of the truck. At the same time it moves freely from the prop shaft.

The bracket kit, number 56-253600, that include these brackets is updated.

Take a look at this video how to install your Onspot system propperly:

Watch the video.

 You buy it together with the Onspot kit and the chain wheels at your regular dealer. If you do not have a favorite dealer we will forward your contact to a recommended one.

You are welcome to contact Onspot for more information.


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