Brackets for the new MAN TGE

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Now you can get Onspot automatic snow chains to your new 2019 MAN TGE . This new bracket kit is intended for vans and trucks with plate suspension and single wheel axle. Learn more:

The design of the bracket have been used for a long time and is very well approved. The switch kit includes the correct switch that goes well into the dashboard with the other switches in your new vehicle.

56-717500 Bracket New VW Crafter and MAN TGE

All Onspot cylinders are controlled with pneumatic air. Since these types of vehicles usually do not have an onboard compressor there is a kit for that too. Learn more about that kit by clicking  here 

A complete instalation consists of the following parts:

Vehicle bracket kit: 56-717500
Switch kit: 56-241012
Air compressor kit: 56-255200
Onspot kit: 56-700502
Wheel kit: 170 wheels with 12 or 18 chains.
It works with vehicles equiped with tyre dimension 205/75 R16" or larger
Looking for a  bracket kit for another vehicle? Click below and serach in the Configurator :
Find your Onspot with the Configurator


In a near future you will also be able to get this for vans with dual wheel axles

(Picture, with kind permission, from MAN)


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