A new Onspot Product Range Cataloge - 2021 / 1

Written by Onspot International,

Now the updated Onspot Product Range Cataloge is available. It is issue 2021/1 and you can download it here.

Onspot Product Range 2021-1 4-3 640w


The catalogue gives you an overview of all the different vehicle  brands and modells that you can equipe with the automatic snow chain system Onspot.

You of course always have the Onspot Configurator as the number one way of finding your specific kits.

All the different Onspot bracket kits are carefully developed and tested so that it fits perfectly to your specific vehicle. That makes the instalation process quick and it also ensures the optimum funtionality for a long time. That is the reason why there are such a large range of bracket kits to choose from. The Configurator is always up to date with all the latest models.


Download the Product Range Catalogue



Learn all about automatic snow chains here


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Onspot is the world leading manufacturer of automatic snow chains. It is the optimal solution for on-time and safe operation in winter driving conditions. Onspot is there whenever you need it, simply flip the dashboard switch and traction is available in forward, reverse or stopping. Onspot is a member of VBG Group (public).

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