Onspot of North America has acquired Insta-Chain

Written by Onspot of North America,

Onspot of North America (ONA) announces that it has acquired the assets of Insta-Chain effective August 16th, 2021.This will secure future stability for customers and continued product development. Read more here.

“The acquisition of Insta-Chain optimizes the design and delivery of systems to our customers, who rely upon us to ensure they arrive at their destinations safe and on time,” says Eric Jones, Global Sales Director at VBG Group the parent company of ONA. “The combination of our two long-term brands provides the internal efficiencies and knowledge to engineer the best possible products at the highest levels of service.”


“Insta-Chain began with my father’s vision to provide a high quality, customer driven automatic tire chain system. It has grown to become a nationally recognized brand. Onspot and Insta-Chain are a natural fit to continue the realization of our mission,” says John Atkinson, Jr. President at Insta-Chain. “Today’s commercial vehicle complexity requires a robust engineering focus. The combination of ONAs sales and technical resources with Insta-Chain’s unique features and great brand reputation will provide the necessary ingredients to design the traction systems of the future.”


For more information on how the acquisition will affect current customers,

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About Onspot: The Onspot Automatic Tire Chain System was invented in Sweden in 1977. Onspot of North America (ONA) was founded in 1988 and imported the product through 1992, when manufacturing commenced in North Vernon, Indiana. ONA grew to become the US market leader and was acquired by VBG Group, Sweden in 2015.


About Insta-Chain: Insta-Chain was founded in 1987 by John Atkinson Sr. after working in the automatic tire chain business for 3 ½ years, His son, John Atkinson Jr., is the current President. The company is located in Springville, UT. John Jr. has worked in the automatic tire chain industry for more than 38 years. He has designed many of the Insta-Chain features, and has a wealth of industry knowledge. He will continue on as a consultant with ONA.

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Onspot is the world leading manufacturer of automatic tire chains. It is the optimal solution for on-time and safe operation in winter driving conditions. Onspot is there whenever you need it, simply flip the dashboard switch and traction is available in forward, reverse or stopping. Onspot is a member of VBG Group (public).

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