All electric vehicles - Retrofitting today's trucks with new technology

Written by Leonard D'Orlando,

The shift to electric powered vehicles is on the rise as many auto makers now have hybrid or fully electric autos in their lineup. This trend is also making inroads on the heavy-duty truck side as well. Most OEMs are working in conjunction with electric motor and accessory suppliers to produce fully electric driven vehicles. One example of this collaboration is Volvo Trucks Schweiz working with Designwerk Group and Ambofix AG . While in Norway, ASKO is working with bodybuilder LAGAB. 

What about current accessories and add on items for these vehicles? Sometimes when commercial manufacturers make changes to vehicles, products like Onspot automatic tire chains can sometimes be influenced. In most of these cases we at Onspot identify any changes that are needed on our end to seamlessly adapt our product to the new chassis. Fortunately, as it stands today most commercial vehicles converted to fully electric are being retrofit on existing chassis.

HubSpot Video

Onspot instalation on a fully electrical truck in Swizerland. Instalation and movie by Ambofix AG

 What does this mean for the Onspot customer? This retrofit process allows customers who purchase these chassis the ability to run the Onspot system and all its benefits of providing traction on snow and ice at the flip of a switch. Rest assured, whether you are already familiar with Onspot or are considering this option for the first time, as technology advances Onspot will be available. The following links are just some examples of all electric powered vehicles equipped with Onspot throughout the world.

Electric trucks with Onspot in Switzerland

Electric trucks with Onspot in Norway

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